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Cover: “Dominio Della Morte” by Dylan J. Morgan

Wow! My good friend Dylan J. Morgan‘s book (Dominia Della Morte) is coming out soon and he bought himself a sweet cover online!

As a trained Art-Director I often get upset with hideous covers but the works of Karri Klawiter are quality products! Refreshing to see someone take things serious without asking too much for it! As an Art-Director this warms my heart.

Of course I hope Dylan’s book sells like mad, but with a cover like this – that will help him a long way! Congrats Dylan, give ’em hell!

Go have a look at the cover here:

Cover: “Dominio Della Morte” by Dylan J. Morgan.


Believe by Christopher Liccardi

It´s been far too long since I’ve been posting, ugh! I hate how things keep coming in between, I’ve got several things “done” that I could “technically” post but I’m waiting for them to go up on multiple places simultaneously!

So, instead, I am going to post something that is directly related to some of my bestest, most respected and appreciated writing friends: Chris Liccardi, Julie Hutchings and Kristen Strassel.

My friend, and The Darker Half co-worker, Chris has written a great (erotic) story for – where my girls Julie and Kristen rule the lands. Believe isn’t just erotic, it’s also paranormal. Curious? Excited? You should be!

Go read it here:

Believe by Christopher Liccardi.

Broken by Kristen Strassel

Over at DeadlyEverAfter, where my best girls Julie & Kristen rule the dark, they’ve published a little sneak peek on some work by Kristen that will be published soon! It’s one of the stories that sticks in your head a little longer then you’d like it to… Worth the read.

Here’s what Kristen has to say herself:

Giant Tales Beyond the Mystic Doors will soon be available.  Why do you care, you ask?  Because four of my short stories are featured in this anthology! Stay tuned for more information about how to get this anthology on your hot little kindle or other e-reading device.

Here is a sneak peak of one of my stories, Broken, which won the August monthly group competition.  Enjoy!”

And as a teaser for you to read the rest of the rest story on their website – here’s the first few sentences:

“They did it.  They finally killed me.  I lay in a puddle of my own blood, vomit, urine, as well as whatever else they left on me.  The floor they left me on was hard and cold.

No, death couldn’t hurt this much.”

Huh? Huh? What did I tell you? Go read it here: Broken.

Diary of a Serial Killer

Here´s a fun story by my friend Christopher Shawbell, a very talented writer worth following!

Why should you read this story? Well, it starts off with the following opening sentence: “New Year’s resolutions … one: stop smoking, two: stop masturbating so much and three: stop killing people.”

Trust me, it’ll be worth your time, check it out here:

Diary of a Serial Killer

The Family Dismember by Julie Hutchings

Not only is Julie a friend, she is also kind of a mentor and someone who makes you want to give it more with a smile on your face. You don’t meet people like that a lot, when you do value them like you should and such I do.

It was thanks to Julie, and Kristen Strassel(!), that I was even given the opportunity to get my story/stories up on – that made me feel like maybe I really could accomplish something. And now I’ll keep working till I do.

But all of that has very little to do with the following, the next story is by Julie and worth every minute of reading it, I just wanted to tell what a great person she is while I had the opportunity. Go read, I would be thankful if you did.

Here it is:

The Family Dismember by Julie Hutchings