A week of quiet!

Oh how lucky are you all! I’ll be out of your hairs for a week! No more of my agitating commentary on Twitter, no more annoying retweets or lazy favorites – I’ll be gone for a week! Well six days to be precise.

Tomorrow I’m leaving for Hamburg, the first part of my trip, followed by Berlin and on the way back I plan to see one of the concentration camps because well… My grandfather served in the navy during WWII (on Allied side, mind you!), my grandmother – though half German – sheltered Jews while her sister nearly was deported to a camp for helping with resistance newspapers. And, as you may have guessed, I have a Jewish surname so there’s that a few generations back.
Either way, I’m hoping to have a good time, even though I’m sick. Yes, I’m still sick with the flu! Which is also why I’ve been sort of, kind of, quiet on Twitter. Honest, I’m coughing like a room full of nineteenth century Tuberculosis patients.

I hope to be able to take some pictures and stuff, that is before I get arrested and quarantined for bringing mutant Ebola into the country. So if I end up on the news, please call me a lawyer! I’ll be needing it.

So, after having said all that – I just wanted to let you know I’ll be gone short but I will be back to annoy you all once more! Take care my friends and as they say in Germany: Auf wiedersehen!

Your author friend,

Bobby Salomons


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