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A Dutchman on an Air Crash: Flight MH-17.

I’m working on a bit of a comeback, writing short stories and hitting up some old contacts. It’s been a while and I suppose that the best way to break back into things is a great story of sorts. But then less than a week ago something happened that affected the lives of thousands in my nation and many abroad. Without any reason or justification an airliner was shot from the sky over the Ukraine. I figured that, maybe, it would be nice for me to open with that instead of something that focuses on me.

Today, for the fourth day in a row, two massive airplanes – a Dutch C-130 Hercules and an Australian C-17 Globemaster – landed at Eindhoven Airport, filled with coffins. Temporary ones because none of those inside have been identified yet, to put it bluntlty – it’s mostly bits and pieces. Scattered remains of people who were going on vacation or a business trip, hoping for a good time and a safe return. Then, someone, pressed a button and fired off a missile at their Malaysia Airlines flight, a Boeing 777 designated MH-17 flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, and everything ended.
They stood no chance, had no warning and very little time to realize what was happening – if any at all.

Worse perhaps is how no one at the scene seemed to care, they left them laying in the fields and went through their belongings – looting for personal gain. There was no respect, no mercy and no empathy for the deceased. Treated like garbage and the investigations, still, are being frustrated.

So, I figured, the least I can do is write a little something for those people. Maybe no one will read it, maybe no one will care, I certainly have no expectations of it making any changes to the bigger picture of a tragedy that ripped away 300 people. But I’m going to try and I hope someone appreciates it.

Welcome home dear countrymen, welcome back dear guests.
How much we would’ve done to greet you different, to bring you back your daily lives that will never be again.

The wind weeps through the flags along the airstrip, their ropes chime like bells, for each of your souls lost.
But here you are, in square boxes on the shoulders of quiet soldiers, whom carry you with dignity.

Like rain you fell, from the sky onto fields and roofs, like you were nothing but debris.
But in the hearts of our mere seventeen million, you fell with deafening noise, and thundered in our souls.

How much we’ve said and how much we’ve mourned, our loss is none compared to yours.
All we can give is a nation that cares for each of you, and your loved ones left behind, still nothing takes the pain away.

We promise, for all the disrespect you’ve received, we’ll treat you right.
We promise, for all the gain they tried to make, we’ll search for truth.

Sleep well dear passengers, you’ve earned your rest.
We will forever remember you in the number- seventeen.

Dedicated to the passengers and crew of Malaysia Airlines flight MH-17.


D2D-week, coming soon!

Fellow author, friend and my #1 Fan Mari Wells (@Mari_Wells4) will soon be holding a whole week devoted to Bobby’s book series D2D (Death 2 Death)!

After having been given the opportunity to read the books as part of  preview she fell in love with the books, characters and series altogether! In fact she loved it so much that she will be dedicating a whole week to the books and the author (Bobby Salomons) on her website.

She’s written two complete (p)reviews, will be doing an interview and then some, curious to what she thinks? Here’s some excerpts:

On “Amongst the Dead”:

The world created in “Amongst the Dead” is amazing. I read all but the last 10 pages of the first novel in one night. It was past midnight when I finally sat the novel down and went to bed. I woke up early the next day and finished the last 10 pages. It was so amazing. I felt like I was walking around (in safety) with the characters.

I am so happy to read a novel that portrayed woman with such physical strength, and from a male author. Kudos, Mr. Salomons.

Using a rating scale one to ten, I give it an eleven. Yes, an eleven, I rate this novel higher than the scale for a few reasons. The first reason, I have never been able to read an apocalyptic or zombie novel. To tell the truth I can’t even watch movies like this. The simple fact that I couldn’t stop reading is of HUGE importance. Second, I’ve actually reread this novel, rereading a zombie novel (in my case) is an amazing fact. Finally, I have started to watch some zombie movies and I’m looking forward to watching a particular zombie movie. My family is greatly confused and impressed by this change and offer praise to the genius who caused the change.

On “Land of the Rising Dead”:

Fumi is a young girl whose father is chief of police. Like all young girls, she’s hanging with the wrong boy, a bad boy of course. He takes her to a club, which is the beginning of Fumi’s bad day. Zombies attack! We watch her grow as we move through the novel. She was a typical girl but by the end, I’m so happy to see she is a strong woman. She knows what’s right and has the mental and emotional strength to do it. As in the “Amongst the Dead” preview, I really appreciate this, especially from a male author.

Fumi, girl; I hope you learned your lesson and no more bad boys!


I’ve never been to Japan, but I felt like I was there. Bobby takes his world building very seriously. He researches until he feels like he’s actually there and this comes out in his writing. I love the later end of the book, where we meet  Mitsuya – an old fisherman. His customs are portrayed beautifully. I felt like I understood them. His small antique fishing village reads like poetry, the description is impressive.


I think girls should read this novel because women are portrayed in such a good light. There is no mention of sexual content in this novel. The females all stand up and fight when the time is right. Fumi is a young girl and she has her phobias and backs away from the killing, but when she’s needed she does what has to be done, and she does it as well as the men.  This is something I think all of our young girls need to learn. Being beautiful and smart is good adding in strength makes a woman even better. Ladies, if we are all serious with ourselves there are enough times we want to be strong. This aspect of the novel is so good. I really loved it. I’ve asked my teenage daughter to read them.

Curious yet? Be sure to visit her website at: mariwells.wordpress.com not just for the upcoming D2D-week but for a range of interesting articles, stories and much, much more! For more info on D2D visit the website at: www.d2d-books.com

Thank you, Mari for being such a great fan! Every writer should have one like you!

– Team SLM