Captain Curly’s (AKA Kristen Jett) Birthday.


So… About a week or so ago my Facebook quite convincingly proved itself worthy of the name “Failbook”.

I don’t usually watch the top right corner of my Facebook, often it’s merely invitations by people to play “Hubble Pup Slap Puzzle Game!” or something along the likes of it. That or it’s a picture of a girl inviting me to join “the most trustworthy Singles-website to meet women and have hot, anonymous #@$”. That’s all nice and well – but I really don’t want to see that!
But this particular time, as every once in a while, it displayed a little gift-icon: “Kristen Jett’s birthday – Saturday”. Sweet Jesus, it’s Captain Curly’s birthday today! And in my enthusiasm I hurled a bunch of PMs her way, proud I would probably be one of the first to congratulate her. (Since I live in the future – thanks to the Time Zone difference)
A kind and humored reply came back from Kristen: It was NEXT Saturday… Fail.
Because why would Facebook bother mentioning “next” Saturday when they might as well as say “Saturday” while it’s already Saturday? Thanks Facebook! That’s some logic right there!

So I pledged to return the next week, I don’t give up that easily and when I saw Jolene’s plan, being a big fan of both, jumped right aboard. So here it is Captain Curly! I have returned as part of an an armada of your friends – the prize is giving you a great birthday and we’re all in on it!

Happy Birthday, you deserve it!

– Bobby.

Here’s the next clue:

He’s the man, with a plan,

Lovely kids and lovely wife.

He’s the best editor we know,

He makes us love writing life!



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  2. lindsaycummingswrites

    There you are Bobby!!! I don’t know how to search for people on here quite yet, so I’m happy you found me! About Kristen’s b-day it’s the thought that counts! Your still the first to wish her a Happy Birthday 🙂 Hope all is well! Can’t wait to peruse more of your blog.

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