Paranormal Week: Gabi Daniels’ Giveaway!

Yes, I know – I keep coming and going. It’s how I roll and I pledge that I will make change! Somehow! Someday! Somewhere! Sometime! I swear! Don’t leave me…!

Anyway. This is about something entirely different! Do I have a treat for you! Seriously! Bear with me…
One of my closest writer friends is Gabi Daniels, who is not just a writer but also a successful and recognized book blogger. And such things come with a privilege! Now of course most of us would use such privileges for ourselves. But not Gabi, she’s a sharer and she’s decided to go ahead and celebrate her favorite genre with all of us:


(Click to visit!)

So lets go through the facts here just quickly – this isn’t some “Subscribe now for a newsletter from us and ten anonymous partners who might or might not call you, e-mail you and stalk you forever!”; This is all fun and hoping you will visit a great blog but above all read the work of a lot of great writers!

And to make it so much better Gabi used her privileges to bring more presents than Santa! If you enter you can win one of the five Amazon Gift Cards (including one worth twenty-five bucks!), she’s giving away 25+ e-Books (seriously!) and four signed(!!!) paperbacks! Yes, I sh#t you not! The authors – actually – signed their books and you can win one of ’em! And these aren’t just random authors – these are New York Times best-selling authors and some of THE most promising debut writers! If this doesn’t tickle your fancy, I will have to start taking you less serious. Seriously.

In fact, I found Gabi’s initiative so fantastic that I’m the guy that made the above displayed promotional picture. But not just that one picture – I might a couple more. I’ll tell you why, right here below.

There once was a Julie.

Well actually there still is a Julie. In fact there are a LOT of Julie’s in the world but this one is kind of unique! Her name is: Julie Hutchings.
Now I don’t know how many times I’ve said this before but because I have no life and no shame I will say again that I owe so much to both Julie and Kristen (Strassel) from (click to visit!) that I can hardly express it enough.
But more importantly, I was recently able to get my hands on Julie’s debut novel Running Home! (I might add that I also currently have Kristen’s novel – of which you will hear more soon as well!)
Now, of course, Julie has been somewhat of a mentor to me, whatever she tells I instantly consider a fact – not in the least because she’s a black belt and not afraid to use threatening language – so I was obviously aware of her writing abilities but it wasn’t until I read through Running Home that I was blown away. Simply put.

Thankfully I wasn’t alone, amongst many others, it was Gabi Daniels too who was absolutely raving about Running Home. And if anyone should know, being a book blogger with best-seller connections, it’s her.
Because of this she decided to give all of us the opportunity to get to know not just Julie but also her amazing debut novel: Running Home. And of course this worked perfect with the Paranormal week! So she cleverly combined the best of two worlds and went to work.

So when I found out that two of my favorite girls, Julie and Gabi, were working on something together – I just had to butt in bey cause… …What else am I going to do all day?
So I hit Gabi up and told her if she needed any help, seeking a way to present quotes from the book in an original manner she wanted to present them as capturing images. Being an art-director that is my perfect field of play and I set out to get the job done.
After scouring the internet for “Common Creative” and/or free photos I finally found just what I was looking for and combined them with the quotes that Gabi provided. If you read the book you will most likely recognize each and every location that I tried to represent. Here they are:





Now, I hope of course that these images and the quotes are getting you interested to buy the book – but there’s an alternative… Five copies are being given away for free as part of Gabi Daniels’ Paranormal Week! You can win your very own copy!

I also want to encourage you to go ahead and use one of these images on your blog post, promotion, review or what so ever about Running Home! The good people that made their photos Common Creative-material are awesome and it would be right for me to share them too. The only thing I ask is that you don’t further alter it and if you would be as kind as to refer to Gabi Daniels’ blog somewhere in your blog/Facebook post or Tweet.

So, in conclusion, I hope you will join Gabi’s Paranormal Week Giveaway ASAP and that you will read Running Home before it becomes the best seller it is destined to be! Why? Because you want to be able to say: “Oh, Running Home? I read it before everyone else. I even spoke to Julie Hutchings once… She’s nice, for a Bostonian of course.”


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