A Small Update on Things!

Hello everyone!

Just a small and quick update on things. First of all the coop with Lindsay Pate is going great, we’re looking forward to posting the first chapter(s) online soon so stay tuned. It’s going to be great!

I also won a query-review yesterday by author Katie Teller, which should be very useful once I start hitting the queries hard over the coming period of time!

I was also added on author Gabi Daniel’s shortlist (Click!) of short stories she couldn’t get out of her head – even better was the fact that her list is so great that – another blog – picked up on it and also posted her list. I’m featuring on “best authors” shortlists on two websites! Damn, I must be getting good at this!

So that’s my updates for today – I plan writing a few short stories for you all as soon as I have some more time again, which hopefully will be soon and looking forward to initiating my next phase of taking of the world.

El Generalissimo,

Bobby Salomons



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