Congratulations to Mari Wells!

It’s time for celebrations! And what a reason we have!
Our beloved member Mari Wells has successfully managed to get herself published in a magazine! She is the first of us who managed to get published during her time at the Darker Half/Severed Limb Movement. And we’ve only just begun!

It goes without mentioning, yet we will, it was to be anticipated that Mari – with her excellent writing – would be published sooner or later but even we were surprised at how fast she pulled it off! We are certain this will be the first of many publications and we will support her and help her wherever we can.

Our most warm and heartfelt congratulations go to Mari and her family and friends, be proud – you’ve earned it. We look forward to keep working with you and are proud you are part of our team. We strife to promote you, our Mari, and all the other members so they can all one day feel as happy and accomplished as you do now.

You go girl!

With love,

Bobby & Chris
The whole team at The Darker Half & Severed Limb Movement.

Visit Mari’s blog here:



  1. Christopher Shawbell

    So happy for you, Mari! You earned every bit of the praise a’coming your way. Soak it up. You worked hard and did great!

  2. mari wells

    Thank you, Bobby. This is the first time you mentioned me on your site. I need to find a new word when referring to you amazing no longer cuts it.
    Thank you Sheila and Lindsay.
    I will be here to cheer you all on too, soon! Promise!

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