Liebster Award

My dear visitors!

A few days back I was awarded the Liebster Award by my friend L.E. Pate ; obviously I was thrilled and set out today to pick my own “awardees”  till it turned out one of them has mysteriously disappeared! Completely! Me and my fellow authors are now officially involved in an internet Search and Rescue for one of my most important nominees. I hope we find him before he’s lost forever.

If not, we’ll give him a proper authors burial and mourn his loss while we lower a casket with the flag on it. As such I am delaying my final list and all the cool stuff attached to it one more day, so we can fly out the helicopters and search till we find his remains…



  1. Christopher Shawbell

    I’m here. Just was writing. Did change my name though. I also make a disguise out rubber chickens… just in case I need it someday…

    • Severed Limb Movement

      KGGGGG… What!? We’re over the Bering Strait,,, With the Coast Guard… KGGGG… Who is this!? …. …. …Over!?

      Congrats on your nomination, you will be at the top of the list tomorrow. Don’t get lost again.

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