The Ghost Box.

Thanks to IslandGhostResearch (@IGhostResearch) for that little bit of inspiration! Hope you enjoy this very short story I made based on your EVP-clips, they’re at the bottom at the post for those who want to listen in! Keep up the great work IGR!

It’s been ages now, since they’ve tried to contact me, again and again. They disturb me in my sleep, they bother me with their noises, I’ve been trying to find out what they are since a long time now. But now I’ve found something new! A Ghost Box…

They’ve been up in the attic, out and about, doing “things” I can’t really explain or understand. They move objects around, usually with quite some noise up until I come to check it out. Then it just stops. Devilish games, I do consider them.

But now all that is going to change, drastically, with the Ghost Box you see I can communicate. Such a fun little device, small and quirky, with its wired and buttons and signals to scan. It reminds me of the old radios like my parents did have, we’d sit and listen to broadcasts about World War II – of the bombings of London. Yes, I’m that old!
But that’s been a long time now and things have progressed, but I haven’t quite kept up, I get confused sometimes about changes and things moving forward while I try to hold back. A habit I suppose, one not easily shed, but regardless I have no choice now since the disturbances began.

With a click of the button the Ghost Box began, jumping from signal to signal, with the loudest of noise – in great anticipation of the next undead voice! It’s quiet so far, but as I move close to my own great surprise, it crackled a bit with that faint intention that voices do have. So I come closer and there it goes, not just on the radio, but also in my head as if it can tap into my mind can read my thoughts the signals get louder and here we go…

“Hello?” A voice says, I scoot back in surprise.
– “Hello!” I answer, what else do I say?

The signals jump again, is it gone already? I sit back and wait.

“Wha-… you doi-… here?” The voice asks, how weird this is, should I not be the one who questions?
– “Who are you?” The anticipation of the answer is killing me.

“I… the owner…” The distorted voice says, how silly for an answer. This house is mine, might be a former owner perhaps. But alright then, let’s play along.
– “Can you help me?” I ask.

The signal drops again, the voice does speak, but with a man and woman’s voice at once – like a dozen radio signals merged into one. Oh how it sounds, painful to the ears, with the crackling of the radio static. Ugly noise, so disappointed.
“Your voice, it’s terrible… I’m disgusted…” I say to the Ghost Box as I look around.
– “Wh-… Why are yo-… Here?” The voice replies.
“I just want to talk, about what you are. Can you tell me? Can you speak?”
– “It… Is… Not easy!” The little Ghost Box says, I smile, how clever it is.
“I know it’s not…” I reply, the signal seems to drop, “It’s just not the same.” I manage to squeeze in as it picks back up.
– “What… – …Do you want?” The voice asks, good point. What I really want I can’t even seem to realize myself, everything feels blurry.
– “I’ve been here before…” Another voice says, but not over the Ghost Box, it’s quite loud and obvious – right next to me.

I jump to my feet and look around confused, this was not coincidence, not at all. This voice was right here and it’s been here before!?

– “Are… You… – …Differ-… Spirit?” The Ghost Box says, a different spirit!? The Ghost Box is the spirit, not me!
– “Can you help me?” The other voice replies, clear as day. “Please?”

I feel unsettled and sit down, I try to think what is going on, when I suddenly remember. The bombs, the fire, the pain. This is why nothing changed, World War II never ended for me, but I was ended by World War II.

– “Help me…!” The other voice says to the Ghost Box. I might as well join in then.
– “Help us? Please?” I ask as well. Maybe they’ll get me out of here, maybe I can finally be free…



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