Merry Christmas all!

From rather droopy Amsterdam I wish all of you a Merry Christmas! I hope not just that you are lavished in gifts, eat your belly full or sing Christmas carols – above all I hope you feel the Christmas spirit which goes above and beyond “Christianity” and “Gifts”. It’s about respect, understand and caring. And not just those close to you.

Maybe, when you’re waiting in line and feeling annoyed because the girl behind the register is slow, realize she probably had a really long day and maybe now is the time to smile at her and ask how she’s doing and if she’s looking forward to the coming days. Maybe you will see a bum on the street that you would normally pass by, give him a dollar or two – maybe you can even tell him you hope for a better year for him.
Maybe when someone is about to cross the street while you’re driving, you can let them cross instead of flooring it so you can drive by before they do. Maybe you can say hello to that neighbor you don’t really like. Something, anything.

I hope you will have great days. I’m certain you deserve them or know someone that does.





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