The Great Mistake – Dawn of the New Age.

NOTE THE FOLLOWING: This short story is meant to venture into the mind of someone deranged, confused and psychotic. I am none of these things, nor do I have tendencies. The story includes murder, including that of a young child, given recent events I understand if you can’t handle that. I respect that and advise you not to read it.
I do however believe there is a great difference between fiction and reality, fiction should never “suffer” from events in reality just like reality and fiction should be seperated from each other.
That being said, I hope you enjoy this short story.

Dear Diary,

22DEC2012/0930Zulu: I woke up with the cold in my bones, I’ve been freezing under my skin, but that’s alright. According to my own calculations I should be radioactive by now, it must’ve happened overnight, I suppose I missed it then. Sneaky radiation – it crawls up and into you without even giving a warning.
I’ve checked my hands and feet, they’re purple and blue, but I can still feel them when I rub over them. At least I hope so, maybe it’s just my fingers tricking my brain? It doesn’t matter – I have special powers now.

0945Zulu: I’ve already opened the roof made out of pine woods and branches and breathed in the cold Alaskan air, it tickled my lungs, this must be the radiation I’ve predicted. It all makes perfect sense. Right on schedule!
I put on my boots and crawled out of my den, the radiation covers me just like a blanket, it’s funny how it feels just like cold. I’ve looked around the landscape, it appears that all the radioactive ash has been absorbed by the snow, amazing! I will try to drink it to absorb more powers into me!

1015Zulu: I made a brew out of the snow, it looks and smells just like normal water once melted, surprising considering how much poison there must be in there! It tasted different from tap water, this much is true, I think it really helped me gain my powers. Now that I’ve drank it, I can feel the water in my stomach and I feel refreshed and awake. So far, it looks good!

1120Zulu: I’m surprised to see any animals at all, I had thought the Nuclear Fallout would’ve gotten to all of them, this just shows how wrong science can be! But I’m happy, I know for a fact that now that I have my special powers I won’t have to eat anymore, my stomach however still feels hungry. My body must be trying to get used to all of this, it must be confusing, but with animals still around I can always catch or hunt some of them and eat just to slowly get used to my new body.

1235Zulu: Slightly disappointed, I tried melting the snow from a distance by concentrating my radioactive powers, this doesn’t work yet. It does work when I just hold the snow in my hands for a while, it melts slowly and my hands get cold, I guess my body is trying to absorb the snow. I have high hopes, I’m certain my powers will improve quickly, maybe if I fuse with snow I can control the weather. I should go for a walk and see if there’s anything around I can fuse with, this could be exciting!

1455Zulu: Back from my stroll, I’ve failed to fuse with anything so far, I tried touching the trees but my skin and body stay the same. I suppose it’s because they are radioactive too, maybe once they are clean I will be able to get what I want. I am trying to figure out what the best powers would be. Maybe part snow? Maybe part tree? Of course I could also fuse with an animal – I would merge with a deer but I’m not a fan of antlers. Perhaps I can find a wolf or a bear? If I become part bear I will have amazing powers! I could see, hear and smell intruders from a mile away. And there certainly will be intruders once they find out I am still alive, after my intensive studies I have concluded that the government has underground facilities everywhere, such as in public pools and gas stations. They will have sheltered there, the Illuminati and the Reptilians, and come from their shelters to seek unique survivors like myself and take away our powers. I won’t let that happen.
That’s why I need to merge with something amazing, I really like the thought of a bear, such a strong predator and beast. I could face off my opponents easily and kill them with my “bear hands”. Haha.

1635Zulu: I’ve made a fire in my den, didn’t go so well, I think I burned my leg pretty badly. It really hurts but I’m sure that with all the radiation inside of me it will heal real soon. Like X-rays and alien technology.
I tried containing the fire with my ever growing superpowers, but I guess I was too panicky to make them work right, my own fault.
I wanted to warm myself inside the den, it was getting really cold, so I started my fire but soon enough it really caught on especially when I threw in a plastic water bottle. The plastic melted and really flared up the fire, I also accidentally breathed in some of the smoke. Breathing feels weird now, I keep coughing, I think the plastic is laminating my lungs. This could be a great advantage for breathing underwater though!

I will put some snow on my wound, the radiation in the snow will probably help ease the pain and heal more quickly. I’ve already made a new roof for my den, it’s not as good as the other but I have nothing to worry about. The power is still growing inside me, once it comes out full force, it will be amazing!

1720Zulu: My wound really, really hurts. The flesh on my leg is also discoloured, I am guessing this is what radiation does to your skin, I’m wondering if I will be black and charred all over? I hope not.
I think maybe I am now merging with fire, perhaps the fire wasn’t radioactive and now that is has entered my body I will have amazing powers of fire – that would be perfect.

I keep thinking of Melissa though, I’ll just have to press away that thought, it’s probably logical to think back of those close to you when you are in a lot of pain. But this is all for the better. She’s in a happy place now, I made sure of that, she was scared first but I know she will be thankful up in heaven.
For now my mission is to become a superbeing and fight off the Illuminati and the Reptilians once and for all, planet Earth may be lost but I will prevent them from destroying more worlds. That’s a promise. I love you Melissa.

1845Zulu: I just ate, I don’t know why, I suddenly got really hungry. I know that I don’t have to eat anymore because of my super powers but I gave in any way. Very disappointed in myself, I should be more disciplined from now on.
I ate some of Moon’s dogfood, he won’t need it anymore since I also brought him to the happy place, the dogfood isn’t that bad. It was quite tasty.
I cut my finger a little on the tin packaging, my blood tasted very salty, this must be the ashes from the fire being absorbed into my system. That’s definite prove I am becoming a superbeing.

I really miss Moon, he would’ve liked it here, Huskies really enjoy snow and forest. But I know that the aftermath of the Apocalypse, in which I am in the middle of, would’ve been nothing for Moon. He was too kind. So was Melissa. And her little boy Jack.
I think Jack understood why I had to do it, he didn’t even cry under the pillow, he was very smart for a four years old. I would’ve liked to have been his dad, but I am sure his real father would’ve never made the sacrifice I made for him. But at least he went peaceful before the Illuminati and the Reptilians got to him. God bless you little Jack, I miss your smile and your “Happy Cat”-toy, we had fun playing the Nintendo together. God have your soul.

1935Zulu: The wind is getting stronger, I already know why, it’s a lot like Skynet in the Terminator movies and the Eye of Mordor in Lord of the Rings – I am very glad I used these movies for my scientific research. The wind is really a scanning device made out of nano robots, who are seeking out all life and reporting back to the Illuminati, particularly the President on Space Force One, so they can find me and may be the few others destined to fight them off.
I am wondering if this indeed connects to the Bible like my initial research had suggested, will one of us be Noah? And sail to a different planet with the animals still left behind? It’s really starting to make sense now. It’s so amazing to be part of a greater plan.

Of course it’s not all about me, this story and prediction has been around for long, even in kids TV shows like Dragon Ball Z. Thank the Heavens I started watching that at a young age, it really opened my eyes and allowed me to see through things. But lets not forget the Matrix, that also gave great warnings but all the Atheists refused to see it, it was all a joke by the Illuminati – they were playing with us by showing it right in front of us but we still ignored. Good thing that on my trip to Denver Airport I noticed the signs on the walls, those engravings with the New World Order chiseled out, that’s when I knew my destiny. I must stand strong.

2155Zulu: It’s getting really cold now, I can hear wolves howling outside, they are probably fighting the nano robots in the wind. I admire their courage. My wound is starting to hurt less, the snow has melted into ice and it covers the wound really well, amazing how that works. This once again proves how little is true about “medical science”, controlled by the NWO, they were stuffing us full of medication. Including me.

Thanks to the Matrix and the Alice in Wonderland-remake I realized I was on the wrong track and stopped taking my medication. What a great choice, just after two weeks I could notice the difference and how my conscience was shifting into a higher order. I know that Melissa was scared of me, of course she was because what I was experiencing is much above all other people, their closed minds must’ve hurt. It’s how the Illuminati control us. I will try to get some sleep again now.

2310Zulu: The cold is really getting to me, but it has given me revelations and visions, I now know the exact locations of the President’s Space Force One – I can see it in the sky. You would mistake it for a near-by planet or a satellite, but it’s not, it’s his special space vehicle hidden inside the exterior of a Boeing 747. This is also why they made those test-flights with the Space Shuttle on the back of the Jumbo Jet, how could people have missed it? It’s so obvious.

Even better, I am now able to understand and speak in their language. Surely God must’ve decided to send it to me through telepathic communication, I like to think of it like a Skype-connection to Heaven. Maybe I can talk to Melissa, little Jack and Moon through it too sometime soon. Anyway, just for prove I will write down a message to the Illuminati and Reptilians:

“Unch’bar sikh’thar melua.777 Ophorphit, minekar 12345. Mesturubi’ghanza. 6,80,CCC. Messo.Messo.Messo.789.”
That’s right, I hope you bastards realize how serious I am, this is just the start. Your doom is waiting.

23DEC2012/0830Zulu: I made it through the night, I can’t really feel my leg or any extremities anymore, this is good because I can’t feel pain anymore now. That must mean I am undefeatable, this is going amazing!

0950Zulu: I don’t know why, but I had a fall back and I’ve cried a lot, God and the Illuminatis must be testing me. I can’t stop thinking of what I have done, even though I know it was the right choice. I brought the phone cord I used to strangle Melissa with with me, it still smells like her skin.
The worst part was when she looked at me and turned blue, those little veins in her eyes started to pop too, I didn’t know human eyes could turn so read. Normally that is a give away of the Reptilian kind, red eyes, but it happened to her too. Was she Reptilian? I don’t think so, or I hope not.
She really scratched my hand and fingers as she tried to fight back.

I really hope the police didn’t find her before the Apocalypse killed everybody. I would be sad if her family grieved her loss unnecessarily – she was going to perish anyway – let alone little Jack. I keep smelling the phone cord, when I lick it I think I can taste her skin. It makes me cry.

1025Zulu: I am so confused and stressing out, I think the Illuminati are trying to lure me out by a devious plan, but it is getting to me. I brought my MP3 player with me, it has a radio function, with my fingers frozen I accidentally pressed the radio button and there’s a radio signal. It’s some radio station in Anchorage, supposedly, broadcasting like they always do.

They are making jokes about the Apocalypse, as if it didn’t happen, they have commercials and guests speaking of Christmas. I bet it’s being transmitted from Space Force One, trying to make me think I am wrong. Of course I am not wrong, I know that.
They are still on about that school shooting, I know for a fact that the guy who did it was Reptilian – only they are cold-blooded enough to do something so horrible without a reason. What I did to little Jack was with good reason, it’s not the same.

But still this radio broadcast is getting to me, it makes me doubt even though I shouldn’t, I wish I could believe the Mayans and the Bible and the many movies were wrong. But they’re not. I wouldn’t have sent Melissa, Moon and Jack to Heaven if it wasn’t true.
I should just lay here, listening and laughing at their pathetic attempt to try to win me over.

1115Zulu: Something is really wrong, I did not predict this. About fifteen minutes ago I heard a really loud noise, I figured it was maybe Space Force One landing to try and imprison me, but it wasn’t. Instead it was a formation of F-22 Raptors of the National Guard flying over the area, they weren’t even carrying weapons or making combat manoeuvres – it seemed like a regular flight.
How can there still be F-22’s? The world is supposed to be dead now, that’s how I predicted it, this isn’t possible!

1235Zulu: I’m very scared, I’ve been watching the sky for signs of alien ships or maybe angels. I saw two passenger jets fly high in the sky, there aren’t supposed to be passenger jets! The Electro Magnetic Pulse would’ve disabled all of them! And by now they would’ve run out of fuel after flying so long! What is happening!? I’m really confused!

1315Zulu: I’m crying now, I think they are winning me over with their tricks, I turned on my cellphone and it has over a dozen messages from people I know. Or at least pretending they know me. Friends and family have left me voice messages, when I hear them I can’t stop crying.
There are also several messages from the police saying they want to talk to me, supposedly some “Detective”. He says he wants to talk ASAP and is asking me not to travel and report to the police or a hospital soon.

I am so confused, how can this be? I am a superbeing and I had everything figured out perfectly! Maybe I should try one of the pills I still have left as a souvenir? Maybe I can calm a little bit, they usually did that, then when I am calm I can think straight and find a solution to fight the Illuminati, the NWO and the Reptilians.

1745Zulu: I am calm now. Trying to get my thoughts in order, I think I will have soon.

2015Zulu: Dear people who read this,

I am very sorry for what I have done. I’ve been such an idiot, where do I begin to explain? I stopped taking my medication, again, even though I’ve been hospitalized so many times before… What was I thinking?

Melissa, you’re gone now and I can never get you back. I’m so sorry, baby. I can’t believe I did that to you even though you supported me and let me live with you, I really wanted to be a better boyfriend but I screwed up so bad. Like I always do.
Love you forever.

Little Jack, I’ve never had the opportunity to have kids of my own but you were the closest thing I ever had, you made me smile and feel good and responsible inside. You trusted me and look what I did to you. You deserved so much better.
I would do anything to give you a second which is more than anything I deserved with the many chances I screwed up. Just know I did it because I really thought these things were true, I would’ve never hurt you otherwise.
I think I feel most guilty of all for you, I think you would’ve made a great human being but then I had to cross your path and smother you with a pillow “because I love you”. I always destroy everything I love.
I miss you and Happy Cat.

Moon, my best friend in the whole world, I know you were just a dog but… You were so much more to me. I had you for seven years now, best years of my life. While I was crazy and everyone distanced themselves from me, you only came closer and loved me the same. And how did I repay you? I shot you with my grandfather’s .22LR hunting rifle. What a prick I am.
I keep thinking of you as a puppy and your two different colored eyes, you looked right at me when I shot you. You weren’t even scared, you trusted me and I did it anyway.

To everyone else, I am sorry I took these wonderful beings away from you. It should’ve been just me. To my family, I’m sorry for disgracing our name and myself, I know you will miss me still but you are much better off without me. I hope at least one of you can forgive me, if not that’s okay, I understand.

I never meant to do this much harm, I’m so sorry. The pills brought me back to my senses, imagine if I had taken one two days ago, none of this would’ve happened. Imagine that.
Dr. Praduhindi, you’re a really good doctor, thank you for counselling me all this time. I want to say to whatever board of people may get involved with my case, it’s not Dr. Praduhindi’s fault, he really tried to help me and he already got me special attention from some lady who said she was a nurse and rang my doorbell entirely too much. I sent Moon after her, then she stayed away. SO that was my fault, not his.

I am going to kill myself now, I’m taking pills, tying the phone cord I used on Melissa around my neck and will try and see if I can jump into the frozen, cold river. If not, I will probably just die from medication poisoning, suffocation and hypothermia. Maybe a bear or wolf will eat me with their “bear hands”. I can’t believe I wrote that, haha.

All my stuff goes to my family, especially my comic collection goes to my little brother, I hope you still want them.

Bye mom and dad, I love you,

– Me.



  1. mari wells

    Powerful stuff. Thanks for the warning at the beginning, it helped to prepare mentally for when it was needed.
    I laughed at parts. I was scared at parts. You made me feel for him even when I didn’t want to.

    • Severed Limb Movement

      Thank you, Mari!
      Yes, I figured a warning was quite decent to add, good to know it helped!
      That was exactly the point, even though he is crazy and has done sick things, he is still human. It’s the human parts you can feel and empathize with. It’s the other parts that either make you laugh, feel sad or make you angry. But there’s a little bit of all of us in him.

      P.S.: If you like it – please share it on Twitter!

    • Severed Limb Movement

      Thank you! Indeed, haha. That’s always sound advice! It’s also about humanity, losing it and finding it again. At the start he’s “kind of weird” then slowly progresses to “batsh#t crazy” and then (through his meds) becomes human again with remorse and trying to find a way to make up for it.

      If you like it – be sure to share it on Twitter! I can use every visitor! 🙂

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  3. Christopher Shawbell

    Wicked, man. We got some things in common in regards to are art, my friend, for sure.
    Always enjoy reading your work, I had sen this while looking one of your DeadlyDuo Christmas post, and made a note to get back to it. I have, but by way of The Darker Half. Pretty cool…

  4. Christopher Shawbell

    Reblogged this on The Graveyard of My Mind and commented:
    Read a fascinating and disturbing short story by an extremely talented and prolific author, Bobbie Salomons of the Severed Hand Movement. I’m a huge fan. He writes so much I can’t keep up.

    • Severed Limb Movement

      Haha! Thank you! Sorry for the late reply but what an honour to hear and be called! Likewise I am always impressed with your work, I’m sending you a Direct Message right now (or soon) regarding a potential working together. 🙂

  5. Christopher Shawbell

    Read this piece again. Sad tale to be sure. The depth of his dilusion is so severe, and he’s a like able individual with no malice. Very intense.

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