I’m so tired, I could sleep.

As a writer, as a graphics guy, as a generally odd person – I tend to stay up late, doing weird things or working on my stories.
It appears that, as of late, I’ve successfully screwed up my sleeping pattern. I feel tired all day, awake at night.

I wake up at odd times, have no concentration and so forth. So, despite I made a few promises to some people, I am going to try to sleep tonight. Yes, writers need sleep too! Sometimes we’re ALMOST like people!

For whoever I’m falling short today, I apologize. I hope that tonight I will sleep and I can do everything right and make true tomorrow.
Stick with me, for a little while longer, you will not regret my friends!

– El Presidente, Bobby S.



  1. rocco613

    Good luck with the old sleep pattern, I feel your pain, believe me. The more I write, the better I sleep, but I have to stay up to write. Go figure.

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