How sweet it is!

It wasn’t too long ago that I started up “Severed Limb Movement” – always having planned to build it up as a platform for creatives of multiple disciplines. But of course it started off with me, not because I an egotistical prick or anything, but someone had to start it up, right?

And such I did, and slowly over the past few weeks I’ve been building a small but quickly growing audience, what started off with “just a few views” per day has gone to dozens per article in less than weeks! And I’ve built very important contacts, which is what this is about, don’t worry – it’s good news!

Severed Limb Movement is starting an intense cooperation with The Darker Half (click) in regard of its literary endeavours. Does that mean SLM will be less active or even disappear? Not at all! Quite the contrary in fact!
SLM will continue with its own business, be cross-sharing with The Darker Half and most likely even expanding its activity in the near future! So, if there EVER was a time to get excited… …This is it.

Be sure to hang around and a shout out to Chris, Chris and Sheila!

– Bobby Salomons

Founder of Severed Limb Movement / Revolutionary.

P.S.: Visit them at:



  1. The Darker Half

    As I stated before my friend, you are a NUT! But we do love you and it will be an honor working alongside such as you. Revolutionary, friend, fellow nut!
    See ya on the Darker Half đŸ˜‰

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