And there’s this…

…So it’s been a slow day, you haven’t really had the opportunity to do what you’re supposed to do and not much to blog about.
But then a few dozen children get killed by a frustrated, perhaps insane, nutjob. What do you do then? Do you get into political discussions? Do you add sad music? Do you upload sensational pictures and videos to try to generate traffic?

Well, lets just say that I think any sane person, by now, can agree that the necessity of assault rifles and other such weapons is kind of iffy. Especially given the number of people, innocent people, that die from them for completely nonsensical reasons is staggering. Lets face it, you’re not going to “fight off the Guv’ment” with an assault rifle and a few friends.
Even IF the government declared total war on the people, which is unlikely, you wouldn’t stand a chance. Have you recently seen Afghanistan? Iraq? They’d use the same weapons against you and they’re a LOT better trained than you are too. You’d be done and gone before you fired a shot.
So lets not use “I’m protecting the Constitution and the people” as a reason to keep heavy fire arms and piles of ammo.

I understand you want to protect yourself and your beloved, but how many people actually succeed in doing so? How many people manage to save themselves or others? Even a lot of police officers and military personnel miss the first few shots because of the stress and the complete chaos and turmoil that usually accompanies a shooting/crossfire. But you think you’re the hero from Hollywood-movies who will save himself and everyone else? Maybe something to ponder about.

Either way, it’s not up to me to take someone’s weapons away, I just wish people gave honest answers why they want guns. Are you really a patriot who is protecting the nation by owning a gun or do you just really like them?
Now that over twenty, maybe even thirty, kids are dead – do you still like them?
Do you really have so little faith in your fellow Americans that when weapons (or at least the heavy ones) are taken away you truly believe your life will be in immediate jeopardy?
Are the relatively few lives that may be saved by gun ownership worth the lives of all the innocents that are killed by the same weapons?

Just a few things to think about. That set aside, I don’t even know what to say about what happened. There are no words, just emotions, when you hear something like this. I’m sure you feel the same, dare you listen to them?

God have their souls, R.I.P. to all those people who died. I wish they would have had the opportunity to have grown up, maybe the next great writer, actor, scientist or sportsmen was amongst them. Now they’re gone. Think about it.



  1. mari wells

    I agree with you.
    I feel so much pain for the parents who can’t hold their child tonight. For the parents who will suffer so deeply, nothing any of us say or do will ever ease the pain they surely feel. I have pulled my children close to me various times today. I’ve shed many tears for those, who have had theirs ripped from their arms. This is the worst nightmare any parent can ever have. My prayers aren’t enough. Now it rests on the laws.

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