Pitch wars or Bitch wars?

“It’s been quiet for a while now, but it’s been hours — days of constant shelling back and forth. The thundering noise of the explosions have grown to become part of me, they resonate in my ears, beat with the rhythm of my heart. Even now I can hear them, but they’re not even there.
The rubble is everywhere, nothing sacred or undamaged, I breathe it. I can smell the misery, the wounds, the broken hearts.
Sure, some have found “friends” amongst their fellow combatants but I wonder about the truthfulness, I wonder about the atrocities they have committed amongst each other. Will it all pass on by or is this lasting?
I stand between these people, I know many of them, they stroll around confused with eyes devoid of a soul. The carnage is overwhelming, they mumble it over and over again, how they don’t understand – how they’re waiting for a message. Perhaps this is the worst conflict I’ve ever witnessed, ironically this isn’t even my war. I will have to dust myself off and move out before the others, for now I’ll be ahead but soon enough, I know, I will be a participant. I dread the feeling, but once it begins, I will stand fast.”

…And yes, I’m being very dramatic. But if you, like me, have been following Twitter’s on-going waterfall of #PitchWars – you kind of have to be!
Now let’s get something straight, before anyone flips out and sends me packages of their blood and stool samples, I am relatively new to authorship – but my experiences as a writer (and someone in the creative industry overall) go back a fair few years for someone my age.
I haven’t participated in current Pitch Wars, not because I chickened out or anything, but I’ve only recently set up everything and am currently more involved trying to prepare myself for what is to come and building a reputation rather than flinging myself into a contest (for lack of a better word) unprepared.

So, what has been happening? It seems people are grading each other’s works, picking up some, skipping others and trying to stay afloat in a sea of bodies of those who didn’t make it. Apparently some of you are being terribly hacked and slashed, left to bleed out with what you once thought a masterpiece.
Yet, simultaneously, I hear of friendships being forged and “duos” being formed – even small companies. It’s kind’ve like Band of Brothers but pens instead of rifles, Grammar Nazis are plentiful.

So, as a relatively “new” author – even though confident of my ability – I am becoming slightly hesitant yet dangerously curious to what is going on. Curiosity killed the cat, they say… Well…
What has happened exactly? Have you done this before? Will you again? Have you earned any medals or lost a limb? I want to hear more about this, I’m intrigued.

But above all, I need to prepare myself for when the next wars break out. I promise you though, I shall not bitch about it on Twitter! That set aside, I wish all of you who did participate the best of luck, you deserve a medal just for being courageous enough to go out there and do it.


Bobby S.



  1. deadlyeverafter

    I participated in a few contests before I got representation. It’s very stressful. You are being judged by your peers. I worked my ass off to make my pitch perfect, only to have it ripped apart, or worse, ignored. It hurt. But I learned from it. I took the feedback and built on it. Then my pitches started to get attention.

    I wonder if peddling the same MS contest after contest can be harmful, but it’s a great place to learn to take constructive criticism and to start to figure out what works and what doesn’t in your pitch and MS. It’s much more informative than than a form rejection letter.


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