How many pages (or drinks) per day?

Don’t tell me you don’t drink, you’re lying. If you’re lying, you shouldn’t. If you’re not drinking, you should.
Writers drink, so start drinking. No, I’m not being sponsored by the liquor industry. And if I was you should support me, so start drinking so I can earn a buck.

Now having said that, let’s address the main concern of this article – how many pages a day should you write? At (“an online  magazine for writers and readers”) they’ve made a really good article on the subject – you should go read it thoroughly.
Did you know Stephen King writes about 2000 words a day? It took J.R.R. Tolkien eleven years to finish Lord of the Rings? No? Well there’s some more facts and figures for you to consider! Trust me, you won’t regret this read!

Oh, and as far as the drinks go, alcohol may calm and relax you but also takes away from your concentration and affects both your vocabulary as well as the ability to connect things (causing illogical stories) – in other words it’s a sure-fire way to bring down your cognitive abilities which you need so much as an author. So if and when you drink “while writing”, try to keep it to a bare minimum. Drink water instead, it fuels your brain and improves the aforementioned cognitive abilities; plus you can still hop in or onto any vehicle you please no matter how much you’ve taken in!

Now… I feel I’ve earned a drink.



  1. mari wells

    I’m going to read it.
    I don’t drink…not good for the child of Alcoholics to try. My whole family is full of Alcoholics or recovering Alcoholics. I don’t touch the stuff. Coffee that’s my poison.

    • Severed Limb Movement

      I’m sorry to hear that – alcoholism is a mean rabid monkey to have on your back! Let alone those of your parents.
      I had a cousin who went into drugs, became a junkee, acquired AIDS, stole from his family and then some… I have never touched any drugs in my life and never will because of it. So I understand perfectly. 🙂

  2. deadlyeverafter

    Love it, love you. I drink happily….that’s right, I am happy to drink. I drink probably a beer a day average. Just enough. And it makes querying bearable. As far as how many words a day to write, I don’t think we should live in a box of what to write, just write. Write all the time. And if you can’t, you can’t. But don’t stop writing because you have nothing to write. And don’t write because you said you would. There, how’s that for clear vision? I have not been drinking.


    • Severed Limb Movement

      Julie, you’re the sparkle in an undead man’s eye! True story.
      Drinking is great, when done properly it can be a friend and a comrade, when done wrong it’s a mean son of a… And that’s understating it.

      I haven’t “queried” yet, but I have a small army of people trying to force me into it – but I need some experienced people to tell what it is EXACTLY, what to do and what to expect. All these semi-nonsensical online articles on querying are not helping me!

      Writing is not just on paper, writing is in the head, as a writer you can skip a day but you should ALWAYS be writing in your head. As a writer you never have a day of vacation in your life anymore, you write everyday on paper or inside your head – thinking up new things or revising the old. It’s your job, duty and calling. You grow into being a writer, you die a writer and with some luck you live on as a writer. 🙂

      • deadlyeverafter

        No one knows exactly what you’re supposed to do when you query. If we did, everyone would have an agent. When I worked with my last query, it was intended for four audiences: a query review, a conference, a contest, and an agent. The review ripped it apart and the conference said it needed work. I placed second in the contest, and hooked the agent!


  3. Severed Limb Movement

    @Kristen No, no – I get that part. But how does the process work? Where do I go with what? Because the thing is, all these articles are kind of directed at the “in-crowd” and I’m the rebelious insurgent… I just need simple directions of “This is what you need”; “These are the expectations”; “This is where you go” – Good luck!

    Is what it pretty much boils down to. So… Hi. 🙂

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