So… You’re procrastinating.

Of course you are. Don’t even bother denying – are you here for ANY other purpose other than distracting yourself and not doing what you’re supposed to do? It’s okay – don’t cry…

I’m doing the same thing right now! So I’m thinking, I should probably write, probably. I already wrote two stories for “Nightmare Before Christmas”; One was large and a complete story, the other is short and a little bit more of a ‘traditional’ Christmas story with an edge of creepy and the paranormal… So should I go for the triple combo? I wrote the first one in three days, the second one in two hours – maybe I can write another in even less time? Or will they turn me down?

Such dilemmas. I’d much rather sit here and Twitter to all of you or continue working on this blog but will that make me an actual writer? I doubt it. Best get to work then.
If they don’t want it… …I’ll be sad. But I can still use it here on this blog! Right? Of course I can, it’s my blog. Go away.



  1. deadlyeverafter

    I almost said that the Undead Duo would never turn you down, but this is far too general a statement. But in this case, we would of course not turn you down. Unless it’s the incoherent ramblings of a madman.


    • Severed Limb Movement

      What do you mean the beaver will not live unless the moon is under the table? The pizza must NEVER be cut with the fury of a thousand socks who are done with life. This is the moment to do so, it may not have the premise to go backwards but of course it’s all capable of being held in one hand. Butterscotch.

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